The Coast Water Services Board is a Government Parastatal formed under an Act of Parliament whose mandate is to oversee the supply of water in the Coast Region. The Board produces and supplies bulk water to four (4) Water Service Providers namely Mombasa Water Supply & Sanitation Company, Kilifi-Mariakani Water and Sewerage Company, Malindi Water and Sewerage Company, Kwale Water and Sewerage Company and TAVEVO Water and Sewerage Company.

In Kilifi County, the Board produces water from the Baricho Water Supply system which supplies approximately 90Million liters of water per day to Kilifi and Mombasa counties. The Baricho water supply is a pumping system consisting of 8 wells abstracting water from an aquifer located on the banks of River Sabaki.

On Monday 23rd April an electrical fault at the pump house damaged a power correction capacitor leading to a fire. The fire was contained and the damaged cables replaced. Pumping resumed thereafter.

However, on Wednesday 25th April 2018 at around 10a.m, due to the heavy on-going heavy rains, upstream of River Athi, flood water initially submerged the three (3) upstream wells leading to their closure. The downstream wells continued to be operational. Unfortunately at around10.30 pm on the night of Wednesday April 23rd 2018, the flood water increased tremendously resulting in the submerging of the five (5) downstream wells, leading to the closure of the plant.

In the meantime we are doing preparatory works to ensure quick intervention to restore water supply once the floods subside.


Jacob K. Torutt

Chief Executive Officer



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Coast Water Services Board
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